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Meet Our Pros

Luke Walker – Head of instruction
PGA Qualified. Trackman Certified

Luke Walker started playing when he was 11 years old and quickly got hooked. After success as a Junior, playing in all of the UK’s biggest Amateur events, he decided to turn professional at 17 years of age playing off of a scratch handicap. Whilst playing on the Europro and PGA South Region tours, he opted to do his PGA Certificate and become a Coach. He has been coaching for the past 12 years at Sunbury Golf and now Next Level Golf. Having built a thriving Academy and delivered over 20,000 lessons, his passion for the game and improving golfers is clear for all to see.

‘In all honesty, I love every session. I value my position and use everything in my armoury to improve golfers of all levels. I believe improvement can be found in all areas of the game – especially with solid swing mechanics and a sharp short game. Now with the aid of Trackman and high level video technology, I can pin point areas of improvement precisely and my players have crystal clear clarity on what we are trying to achieve’.

Luke Walker PGA Pro Head Coach
Would highly recommend anybody who wants to improve their game to work with Luke. I’ve been working with him for around 6 months now and already have seen 5 shots drop off my handicap. As well as excellent technical knowledge, most importantly it’s clear how much Luke cares about your game and puts all his time and attention into each lesson. Even in just a small number of lessons, he can help you make clear improvements to your game.

A Francis
‘Luke has been a brilliant coach. There are several things that sets him apart. Firstly, he really cares about helping you improve and gets so committed to it that your lesson will run beyond allocated time. Secondly he understands the mechanics of an effective golf swing, but more importantly is able to communicate it in a way you can understand. Since I have had Luke as a teacher my game has improved substantially and I will not take lessons from anyone else. I have also recommended him to friends who also speak highly of him’

K Rubheru

Guy Gibson
PGA Qualified. Trackman Certified

From the age of 14 Guy has competed at a high level in many amateur events around the UK and Australia until he turned Professional in 2014 and started his PGA. During this time he was lucky enough to work with some of the very best coaches in the country. He found that he was always very interested in the technical side of the game and loved working with coaches that use Trackman.

“Trackman is such a great tool to show the golfer and coach exactly what is happening during moments of impact. Producing accurate and viable data that can help the coach not only improve accuracy of shots but optimise distance for the student as well”.

He now feels that all of that knowledge accumulated, countless hours of practice and experienced tournament pressure will put him in good stead to help others.

Guy Gibson PGA Pro
When I first came to see Guy I had a bad slice on every drive and long iron shot. No confidence. Goal was to get a swing that I could trust so that when I went on golf trips or played with friends I could compete properly.

Guy was very direct with what was happening and the how we can fix the problem. Giving me simple instruction to improve my ball flight and helping me understand the process to making a repeatable swing. After a few session I saw huge improvements which gave me great confidence and it all makes sense.

My game has now been transformed and my last golf trip was a great success. Carding a 92 on Pebble Beach when without lessons it would have been – easily – 105.

Julian A

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